New travel adventure

Unfortunately I totally lost track whom I already told about our new big adventure. But I’d like to also announce it here in case you haven’t heard already. Finally, a life long dream is coming true. Ben and me are going on a 6-month World Trip together. Just thinking of this adventure and my hands start to sweat. It’s the uncertain that makes me hesitate, but it’s the curiosity that makes me believe that this journey will have a great impact in our lives. I still can’t believe that Ben will be joining the trip. After 10 years he still surprises me. I love him so much. I am thankful for everything that we are able to experience so far and especially for the privilege to travel without borders in this world.

But this is not the only change that is going to happen in the near future. We are also going to leave our beloved Boston and will move back to Germany. It wasn’t an easy decision and we will for sure miss Boston and all our international friends here. But we don’t see our future in Boston, not with this president and also not that far away from family and friends.

It’s going to be a pretty exciting journey in the next month and I love to share our experiences with you on this blog.